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Rewriting the Unicorn


The current public perception of the unicorn exclusively cites a horse. In order to change this perspective and make the audience humanize unicorns, we will rewrite history.


With the power of storytelling, we will introduce to our readers the concept of unicorns through modern and ancient tales relevant to the theme and a score of audiences. Getting them used to the idea of Humanoid Unicorns and their qualities will involve a thoughtful backstory that is also engaging, explanatory and able for an audience to grasp, altering the way that unicorns are henceforth seen to a larger fan base.


The more content, details and information added to the revolutionary unicorn version, the bigger the concept becomes, and the more it will grow towards becoming an accepted culture. By rewriting the past, we are creating new present and future.

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Unicorns Saga’s Content Value Proposition:


1. Present the humanoid-unicorn as a new and uncharted genre in fantasy literature in multiple storylines that suit different types of target audiences.

2. The humanoid-unicorn characters add a human dimension to the unicorn theme, making it easier for the audience to accept, digest, and relate to [the characters].

3. Adding a masculine dimension to unicorn symbolism makes the storyline inclusive to men and boys and thus a larger audience base.

4. Producing content within the likable genres of fantasy, supernatural and adventure. These genres have a willing target audience ready to welcome and embrace new stories.

5. Creating a great opportunity to foster a new audience segment catered to the new humanoid-unicorn genre with fan communities contributing to its branded culture.


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