Salem Lohaiby

‘‘Unicorns Saga is going to become a pivotal part of pop culture, A movement, And a world community filled with die hard fans, I believe in this.’’ – Salem Lohaiby

Salem Lohaiby pursued his education in business. Majoring in Marketing, He received a certificate from the University of Pennsylvania. He also picked up additional skills from various institutes such as Leading People and Teams Specialization from the University of Michigan, And Cultural Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Both located in the US.


Lohaiby founded Unicornaire, Making it a community-powered lifestyle brand. The brand capitalizes on the unicorn archetype for the magical, Exciting, Rare, And somewhat mysterious. Being an avid reader of fantasy, Lohaiby sees that unicorns are the perfect example of finesse as well as a great asset if discovered.


Driven by passion in founding Unicorns Empire, And creating Unicorn Saga, Lohaiby continued arming himself with knowledge from Europe’s leading schools in the relevant subject matter. He completed the coursework for Brand and Product Management in the IE Business School in Spain, And Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies from the University of Bocconi in Italy.


To be a marketer today, Lohaiby invested in his literacy in digital marketing by bettering his understanding in Content Marketing and Inbound Sales from the HubSpot Academy and Advanced Social Media Strategy from Hootsuite Academy as well.


And as a Creative director and a designer, Lohaiby also designed the logos of: Patron, Patroness, Unicornaire, Unicorn Man, And Moon’s Unicorns, while implementing the Golden Ratio concept.

Salem Lohaiby: