Tha Saga

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Created by founder Salem Lohaiby, the Unicorns Saga is an engaging series that caters to a readership who have an interest in the fantastical genre of Unicorns. Establishing this series is also the empire’s strategy towards creating a revolutionary outlet to a public who are unfamiliar, yet intrigued by the genre. What better way to expose them than by creating engaging content?


Readers and writers alike we will embark on a journey dedicated to the majestic universe of the Humanoid-Unicorns, moving and creating content in the uncharted territory of this specific realm. With an aim to build a culture around this untapped theme, we strive to turn the untapped resource to branded content dedicated to different kinds of audience segments, genres and artistic tastes.


Fueled by creativity and wild imagination along with feeding people’s hunger for new and revolutionary ideas and concepts, there will be no limits for what we can do and create. We look forward to forming these partnerships and collaborations to create and produce world-class content and premium products that serve our mission.


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