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‘‘Unicorns Saga is going to become a pivotal part of pop culture, A movement, And a world community filled with die hard fans, I believe in this.’’ – Salem Lohaiby


Our branded culture has its own cultural pillars for fans to follow:

Unicorn Gesture


Sacred Places

Celebrated Dates


Dance moves



Social movements



This is a vibrant lifestyle that will be harnessed by global fandom, subcultures, and world communities filled with die-hard fans who are passionate about unicorns.


Producing Unicorn Saga opens an agile culture evolved and expanded from fandom contributions. This gives it an edge for fans to form a community of role players within a new theme in the likable genres of fantasy, supernatural, and adventures, thus creating more knowledge structure of the culture.


A humanoid unicorn is an untamed being that doesn’t follow to the ordinary rules of life, and this is a lifestyle many are aspiring to achieve. Unicorns Saga will show how to subscribe to this way of life.


From Human to Unicorn

Being unique is something that we all strive to achieve, but becoming a Unicorn, is the next level of ultimate uniqueness, and is what we only dream of becoming. With Unicorns Saga, we will show people how to become a Unicorn by adapting to our culture and lifestyle. With each step along the way, we transform the aura of the unicorn and make it an identity.